Bedal DrainPatch Catheter Fixation Device

Bedal DrainPatch Catheter Fixation

The Bedal DrainPatch is a new drainage catheter fixation device that provides significantly more adhesive strength while still being easy to remove. The Bedal Drain Patches are a range of catheter stabilization devices designed to accommodate a wide range of diameters with only one product. The unique system provides a watertight seal and non-invasive catheter fixation. There are unique products for drainage catheters, picc/cvc, pivc, epi/pnb, and a universal fixation device.

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Product Description

  • Unrivalled strong fixation of catheter
  • Accommodates diameters from 6-16 French
  • Low impact on the flow in the catheter
  • Smooth profile for optimum patient comfort
  • Anti-kinking of catheter

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