Welcome to the conglomerate of companies: the Sanrai Group. The Sanrai Group started in the US with Sanrai Investment and has grown over the last 15 years to include a presence in over 45 countries. Learn more about the companies here. 


Sanrai Consulting

Our dynamic management consultancy delivering comprehensive solutions for a broad range of healthcare and related advice. We have successfully completed commercialization studies analyzing the viability of new products in specific markets. Sanrai Consulting has also advised on potential M&A targets in various healthcare sectors in the emerging markets. 

Sanrai Med India

Our only country specific, direct to patient platform is an industry leading home health care company. Sanrai Med India modernized the concept of outpatient respiratory and sleep care in India. Today with 15 offices and headquartered in Chandigarh, Sanrai Med India continues to serve thousands of patients every year. 

Sanrai Med India
Sanrai Charitable Foundation

Sanrai Charitable Foundation

Our self-funded charity works in three major areas: healthcare, education, and spiritual growth. Sanrai supports students in the US and in India. We also provide medical assistance to those in need across several countries, often by donating lifesaving devices or raising awareness for hard to treat illnesses. Our founding team believes in giving back to the Sikh community across India and the US. 

Sanrai Investment

Our investment arm for the Sanrai Group that raises funds globally to help select
Indian businesses grow strategically to new heights. While currently only focused on investing in India, the group is always looking at new opportunities to invest in. 

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