Meet the minds that make up our company



Jaspreet Rai

The founder of the Sanrai Group, I am a serial entrepreneur, passionate about driving growth for the entire group. I am committed to building a team that is motivated. Everyday we work hard, push boundaries, exceed our own expectations and have fun doing it.

Amarpreet Rai

Director of Operations and Development

Amarpreet Rai

One of the original founders of Sanrai International, I've enjoyed making an idea into a reality. I will work tirelessly to bring you the latest products equalizing access to innovation across the world.

Ian Jarvis

Director of International Sales

Ian Jarvis

Based in sunny UK, I’ve built-up 22 year of global sales experience. One of my passions is travel. At Sanrai, I get to travel the world growing sales and developing our customer network.


Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph A. Readling

Dr. Readling is an experienced oncologist with a proven track record of guiding medical device businesses. His support in identifying trends and growing the business is invaluable.