Kitett Kolor Play Manual Breast Pump
Kitett kolor play breast pump
Kitett Kolor Play Manual Breast Pump packaging

Kitett Kolor Play Manual Breast Pump

The Kolor Play manual breast pump is an easy to use, mother friendly breast pump with both stimulation and expression phases.

Kolor Play is the first Kitett pump to use the patented clean valve technology minimizing all risks of contamination from mother to baby with its unique set up. With 8 different sizes and shapes of breast shields, Kitett ensures maximum comfort for the mother.

With the Kolor Clip, a mother can transform any Kitett expression kit from her time in the hospital into a manual breast pump.

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Product Description

  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Silent, easy to use and to transport
  • Kolor® multi-size breast shield
  • 2 phases technology
  • Controlled hygiene “Clean Valve” technology


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