GaleMed Bubble CPAP

The GaleMed Bubble CPAP is a safe and effective respiratory support for neonates with respiratory distress.  The main components in a bubble cpap are the interface, pressure valve, pressure monitoring system, bubbler, breathing circuit, and heater. The GaleMed interface has the smallest nasal prongs commercially available today. With soft material and a wide range of sizes, the GaleMed interface reduces the risk of sepsis and improves the survival rates of NICU babies. A key advantage of the GaleMed system is that it can be used with any heater or bubbler. A bubble CPAP significantly improves a NICU baby’s chance of survival with a non-invasive solution for RDS.

GaleMed also has a complete range of neonatal and respiratory consumables.

You can learn more about Bubble CPAPs at this free to use, educational website:

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  • Interface Prong Sizes 0 to 7
  • PLS valves for both 10 cmH20 and 12.5 cmH20
  • PEEP valves
  • Bonnets and nasal prongs sold separately or in a kit
  • Gio Manometer
  • Heated or non-heated wire circuits

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