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Fisio Hospital Breast Pump

The Fisio Hospital Breast Pump is a range that supports breast feeding and comfort with maximum control by separately adjusting suction and expression. The Fisio PRO is designed for mothers to control their own breast pumping experience. The Fisio is a little bit easier for an untrained mother with only one knob to turn from stimulation to expression. With 8 different size and fit options, mothers never have to worry about a difficult pumping experience which is especially important for babies in the NICU. The one way flow compressor system dramatically reduces the risk of any contamination or infection of the milk. The Fisio system has no valves making service and maintenance a breeze.

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Fisio Hospital Breast Pump

  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Silent, easy to use and to transport with option trolley
  • 8 different Kolor Breast Shield Expression kits
  • Autoclave and single use kits available
  • 2 phase technology
  • Controlled hygiene “Clean Valve” technology


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