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Dimar Non-Invasive Ventilation Solutions

Total Full Face masks and helmets are considered the leading non-invasive ventilation (NIV) solutions. NIV therapy is designed to keep patients out of the ICU and prevent them from intubation. The Dimar range of products, developed and manufactured in Italy, are the most innovative solutions available today. By keeping patients out of ICUs, hospital costs and patient outcomes are significantly improved.

The Dimar Dimax Zero total full face mask is the only mask of its kind with 5 connection points for maximum patient comfort. It can be used with 2 different inlet and outlet circuits to guarantee complete CO2 washout. This lightweight mask is easy for patients to wear for a long time. 

The Dimar helmet range comes with a soft and flexible CPAP helmet to be used with a continuous flow generator and a more rigid ventilator helmet to be used with any standard ICU ventilator. With 6 ISO connectors, it offers better synchrony with a ventilator and maximum patient comfort. 

Dimar can also offer venturi systems, flow generators, and other accessories to provide a complete solution for all non-invasive ventilation needs. 

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Product Description

  • DiMax Total Full Face Mask
  • Flow generators
  • NIV and CPAP Helmets
  • Easy Vent Mask
  • CE certified
  • Made in Italy

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