DeVilbiss VacuAide Suction Device

The DeVilbiss VacuAide Suction Device is one of the most reliable suction devices available today. Suctioning is a component of bronchial hygiene that involves the mechanical aspiration of secretions from the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and trachea. The airway may be in its natural state, artificial (as with a tracheostomy) or surgically altered (as with a laryngectomy). The patient may or may not be receiving mechanical ventilation.

With both autoclavable and disposable suction receptacles, the DeVilbiss VacuAide can be used both in the hospital and at home. For patients who cannot cough up their own secretions, a suction device is an essential part of their daily care. The DeVilbiss VacuAide can be used on neonates all the way up to adults with suctioning power from 50 mmHg up to 500 mmHg. With battery power, the DeVilbiss VacuAide can be used anywhere.

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Product Description

  • Aspiration power up to 27 L/min
  • Internal, rechargeable battery
  • Available with a 800 mL disposable secretion receptacle or an autoclavable 1,200 mL receptacle
  • Can be used at home or on the go
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Easy to use

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