Sanrai is a service provider. We aim to remove the challenges in distributing innovative medical equipment in the emerging markets. Sanrai is building new pathways for international audiences to access medical devices. Scroll down to see our suppliers!

International Marketing & Advertising

For any innovative product to be successfully adapted by physicians or patients, marketing and advertising is crucial. With our own team of designers, Sanrai has launched several successful targeted advertising campaigns for the products we represent.

To our distributors, having tailor made marketing collateral for your country or your business makes bringing on new products easy.

Operations & Logistics

With warehouses in 5 countries and a strong logistics team, Sanrai ensures the right product is in the right place at the right time.

For our suppliers, we are a single point to distribution in over 45 countries. Sanrai will pick up the product from your warehouse and handle the rest.

For our customers, Sanrai keeps local inventory in Colombia, South Africa, UAE, and India. This makes purchasing easy with no minimum order requirements, no international shipping costs, and purchases in local currency.

Local Regulatory & Insurance Guidance

There is a range of different requirements from regulatory agencies in each country. Sanrai has successfully registered products in every region. We can get your products easily and quickly registered.

Every country has their own insurance scheme. Sanrai has successfully listed products for insurance in several countries. We work with governments, ministries of health, and private insurers.

Our Suppliers

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