Maxtec Oxygen Analyzer

MaxTec Oxygen Analyzers

The MaxTec oxygen analyzer is an independent device used to measure the oxygen purity of an oxygen concentrator or other oxygen producing device. When treating a patient with oxygen therapy, it is vitally important that the purity of oxygen be medical grade. An analyzer is an essential tool for any workshop or hospital to have on hand.

The Handi+ is a simple analyzer that checks purity, flow rate, and output pressure. The UltraMax O2 is an ultrasonic oxygen analyzer designed to last longer and without any calibration required. 

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Product Description

  • Simple Handi+ analyzer
  • Includes silicone case for increased durability
  • Ultrasonic analyzer with more parameters
  • Measures purity, flow rate, output pressure, and more 
  • FDA approved
  • Manufactured in the US

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