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The Drive Medical Mobility range is one of the most thorough and comprehensive mobility ranges available today. Primarily consisting of wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, transport chairs, and canes, most patients can safely and easily improve their mobility. Every product type comes with a range of different models to fit any budget with unique features. The Drive range of wheelchairs has seat sizes up to 61 cm to accommodate all different body types.

The rollators are a great device to help seniors walk on their own over different surfaces with large wheels. For many patients, these are much easier to walk with compared to a standard cane or walker.

Look through the comprehensive catalogue to find which features and models are right for your market!

Learn more at the Drive website here.

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Best Sellers

  • Standard Wheelchair Ecoteg 2G
  • Lightweight Wheelchair Freetec
  • Lightweight Wheelchair Litec 2G
  • Standard Wheelchair Rotec
  • One button folding walker

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