New Low Cost Critical Care Therapy

August 2023

Respiratory distress in children under 5 is unfortunately quite common. In many countries around the world, mechanical ventilation for children is very limited because it's expensive and requires highly trained clinicians which are often not available.

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy is a safe and effective way to reduce work of breathing in children. A trial with 2,200 children in Ghana showed a significant reduction in childhood mortality by using CPAP therapy. Download the study here.

While often CPAP therapy requires expensive equipment like a flow generator or CPAP machine and a cylinder or piped medical oxygen, there is a simpler and more cost effective way to generate CPAP up to 5 cmH2O, 60L of flow, with an FiO2 of 32%, using a venturi system, patient interface, and a stationary oxygen concentrator.

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This set up makes providing CPAP therapy very cost efficient and easy to implement in any health facility.
Contact Sanrai to receive a more comprehensive training and all of the equipment needed to provide CPAP therapy.


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