Jaspreet Rai

  • Founder and currently the driving force behind Sanrai International. Ms. Rai took Sanrai India from a mere concept in 2007 and built it into an established successful organization and is confident that she will do the same for Sanrai International.
  • Through strategic mergers and acquisitions, Sanrai India is the only organized durable medical equipment retailer and homecare service provider in the Indian market. She has established 16 offices pan-India and is looking to use her strength in India as an asset for Sanrai International.
  • In 2007, she founded and currently manages an Investment Fund with a mandate to invest in India. She syndicated deals in healthcare, education, and energy in emerging markets like India and Africa worth $10 to $100 million.
  • Prior to launching Sanrai India, she worked as a sales representative for Pfizer. She was recognized in the top 2% of the sales force for 5 years consecutively.
  • She has extensive launch experience in medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, such as Philips Sleep Labs in India, Resmed homecare division, Celebrex, Lyrica, etc.
  • She holds a Master’s Degree from a prestigious University in India.
  • Preet enjoys reading, hiking with her two daughters and husband, playing with her new puppy, and volunteering.