Amarpreet Rai

  • Amarpreet was an initial contributor to Sanrai International in determining the direction the company would begin its journey, as well as an early contributor to Sanrai Med India from the conceptual beginning to current involvement.
  • For the past several years, she has worked to facilitate and manage relationships with client companies, finalizing more than ten contracts to date between Sanrai International and Sanrai Med India.
  • She has prepared multiple business plans, including strategic objectives, target financial forecast, and return on investment analysis.
  • Previously, she has used analytics software to analyze GDP and demographics with data from all 212 countries from 1950-2014 to develop a broad based economic model.
  • She has also compiled and analyzed individual student data using several regression models to determine correlations between student activities, classes, and interests with success outcomes.
  • Amarpreet holds Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) dual degrees in Economics and Pre-Health from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. She currently resides in New York and enjoys spending time traveling, working with children, and spending time with family and friends.