New Product Launch: 1060AW 10L Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

May 28 2023

Oxygen concentrators have always been developed for patients to use at home in the Global North. However, they have always been used in healthcare facilities, especially in the Global South. Now, for the first time, an oxygen concentrator designed for clinical use in challenging environments has been developed!

Sanrai International is proud to launch the 1060AW in partnership with Drive DeVilbiss. Designed to be energy efficient, robust, and reliable, this new 10L concentrator will make having medical oxygen available in clinics and hospitals much easier.

UNICEF designed a Target Product Profile which set out specifications for what a concentrator should look like considering the low-quality power and challenging environment. This device should be energy efficient, resilient, more user friendly, and long lasting. Typically, concentrators are used as the primary method of delivering oxygen in rural, semi-urban, primary health clinics, and small hospitals.

The 1060AW sets new standards in reliability, efficiency, and accessibility, ultimately enhancing patient care and saving lives. Sanrai is committed to developing solutions that address the critical need for accessible and dependable medical oxygen. By providing healthcare facilities with a dependable and efficient oxygen concentrator, Sanrai aims to address the urgent need for accessible medical oxygen and improve patient outcomes, especially in regions facing resource constraints. A new oxygen concentrator is essential in ensuring access to oxygen for all.

For more information about the 1060AW Oxygen Concentrator and Sanrai's comprehensive range of medical solutions, please contact our sales team at [email protected]

Click here to read the announcement from Drive DeVilbiss


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