COVID Relief 

Please see our resources to assist with the global crisis right now.

Oxygen concentrators are a crucial part of addressing the shortage of oxygen in the world right now. As India fights against a second wave of COVID-19, Sanrai is working around the clock to provide necessary medical devices. Sanrai is concerned about the increase in oxygen demand across Africa and the continued high demand in Latin America. 

We are relying on our teams at Sanrai Med India, Sanrai South Africa, and Sanrai Colombia, charitable organizations, oxygen providers, and other concerned citizens on the ground. Sanrai has already confirmed 45,000+ units going to India through June, but our work does not stop here. We are shifting our focus to Africa to provide oxygen there, without slowing down our efforts in India and Latin America. As case numbers and the death toll rises, Sanrai is committed to helping the emerging markets through this crisis. 


Videos for Product Training

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Resources for Healthcare Providers

National Institute of Health USA Guidelines:

Covid 19 Treatment Guidelines

How To: Oxygen Concentrator Setup and Maintenance

Sanrai in the NEWS

NGO Partners

US-India Strategic Partnership Forum

Red Cross India

Sewa International

Bay Area Prabasi

Save Life Foundation India

Sikh Aid Foundation

Tata Memorial Centre

Health 4 The World

Mukti Foundation

Aid India

And many more, along with private citizens donating directly to hospitals


Upcoming Initiatives

We are launching some initiatives to address the challenges in rapidly increasing oxygen concentrator production.

If you are interested in learning more or have expertise in the engineering or manufacturing of oxygen concentrators, please contact us through our Contact Us page.

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