Arbutus Pro Drill Cover System

The Arbutus Pro Drill Cover is a system that has a cannulated drill with a Drill Cover along with all of the connectors required for most surgeries. The Drill Cover is a fully sealed, reusable, sterile barrier that provides a safe and reliable surgical drilling solution while utilizing a low-cost and robust power tool. The Pro system allows for cannulation while safely saving costs with the cover system.

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Product Description

  • ANSI Level 4 barrier linen cover
  • Variable drill speed
  • Variable torque
  • Autoclavable cover
  • Cannulated surgery is possible
  • Typical adapters like Jacob’s Chuck and AO quick connect are available

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The comfort, economy and versatility of the Arbutus drill and cover system has enhanced our theatre. The facility to sterilize will decrease the risk of infection and increase the amount of surgeries we can perform. – Dr Roberto Rodríguez Blandón, Sanatorio de Ortopedia , Guatemala

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